Just a little something I wrote while waiting for somebody at my current coffe place. I hope you guys enjoy this!:)


DISCLAIMER: No, I am not a writer. I know. But let’s spread a little love instead of hate. This world needs a little bit of appreciation.










I know, I know. I haven’t been here since God knows when. But I’m now sharing with you some photos from my recent travel to Ilocos. I am fully aware too that this looks more like an outfit post rather than a travel one, but I won’t apologize for that! Haha!

In an alternate world, I am a traveler. Someone who isn’t time bound, someone who picks up a map of the world, points her finger somewhere, and books a flight right then and there. Someone who will leave bits and pieces of her heart and her soul wherever she goes and comes back for it whenever she wants too. Someone who rides the the train and gets down at the station with the weirdest name. A traveler who will observe the world from the plane and realize how lucky she is to have that privilege.

But in this world, I am a 20 something girl who works from 8 am to 6 pm, gets home at 9, and dream until she falls asleep. I am a 20 somehting girl who is in the process of learning how to budget her money properly so she can spend some on plane tickets, cheap motels/hotels, bus rides, and observe the sun sets and sun rises from rooftops, beaches, mountains, or wherever my gut and feet take me.

Another BUT, just because I have an ideal lifestyle or a perfect world of my own inside my head, doesn’t mean it has to stay there forever. This 20 something girl in this real world will be that 20 something girl in the alternate universe.

IMG_4879 copyIMG_4877IMG_4845IMG_4851IMG_4841IMG_0700IMG_1891IMG_0701

Top- River Island

Denim button down- Thrift store

Pants- Bershka

Shoes- Superga


Top & Flats- Zalora

Pants- Forever 21

Bag- Prada

IMG_1820IMG_1951 copyIMG_1942IMG_1953

Top- SM Department Store (SM Bicutan Branch….I think??)

Shorts- Stradivarius


And btw, all photos are raw! Taken either by my Canon 100D or iPhone 6s (not bragging–ugh, let us all chill–just in case you’re wondering) :)


What’s your Story?

The Revive Story

One afternoon, my good friend and I planned to set up an Instagram account where we can post pictures of pre-loved clothes, which either used to be ours or are from various ukays. We figured that by doing so, we would be able to provide girls with dresses or tops at a price that doesn’t hurt anyone’s pocket. For you ladies, we would do all the hassle of going to an ukay to pick their bestest. Because, let’s be honest, (sometimes) I would rather spend a thousand pesos on food rather on a piece of clothing that I would eventually stop using for some (valid or invalid) reason.

IMG_3913 copy

IMG_3898 copy

IMG_3897 copy

These pieces of clothing sure had their own stories with their first owners, some of which might be good and some…well, we don’t even want to know. Once you get your desired item from our shop, you will start making your own tales with it, beautiful ones, I hope. And we would love to hear about it!

IMG_3890 copy

IMG_3903 copy

Looking good doesn’t always mean Chanel on your body and Manolo on your feet. You can look just as classy without having the need to rob your bank account. From now on, don’t worry about a thing (fashion related) because The Revive Story’s got you covered. Follow us at @therevivestory for updates and whatnots!


Sunglasses- Sunnies

Shorts- Zara

Top- The Revive Story


Here’s Aji, my pretty friend whom I am working with on this little project-shop, who btw looks so good both on cam and in person. Follow her too at @ajongelika and you’ll surely end up getting her as your model!

Striped Top




Twenty Two

IMG_1071 copy

2015 was supposed to be the year I start blogging again but it was also the year I was supposed to finish my degree and let’s just say that I somehow managed to set my priorities straight thus…well, I think you already know what I chose.


Now, I finally am doing this again. But this time, I have no subjects to attend to, no manuscript and papers to write, and no more classes I need to be present at.

2016 is all about me. Which can sound a little too narcissistic, actually, but I’ve decided on that part already. Hahaha. This year, I will get to know myself better (hopefully). And hey, you are very much welcome to witness bits and pieces of my everyday life starting this day until, well, who knows?


The Internet is a great place for sharing, and if you want to hate, go on, but I must tell you, I’ve had enough hate my entire life that nothing bothers me anymore (charot!!)


Again, welcome to my little corner. Come with me in this journey of self-discovery, and make yourself comfortable by voicing (typing, really) out your comments and opinions on this post as well as on the future ones. I really hope you come back again. And thank you for dropping by. Oh and lastly, you can call me Isa.;)